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30/45/60/90K Mileage Maintenance Schedule

Inspect to Protect! Let’s face it. Vehicle engines typically survive 150,000 to 200,000 miles. Regular maintenance protects your investment from early break downs. Sparks Computerized Car Care your Omaha auto repair shop recommends you schedule the following services when the speedometer reads: 30,000K 45,000K, 60,000K & 90,000 thousand miles.

For each mileage maintenance service, we change engine oil (up to 5 quarts), install a new filter, fill fluids, check tire pressure & conduct a series of system inspections:

  • Exhaust System
  • Belts & Hoses
  • Throttle Linkage
  • Transmission & Linkage
  • EGR System
  • Engine Charging System
  • Brakes
  • Plugs, Wires, Dist. Cap & Rotor
  • Steering & Suspension Components
  • Front & Rear Shocks
  • C/V Boots & Joints
  • Driveline &U-Joints
  • Wiper Blades
  • Brake System Fluid Flush
  • Vacuum-Pressured Brake Fluid Evacuation & Replenishment
  • Purge All System Air & Fill Master Cylinder
  • Conduct a Road Test
  • Deluxe Transmission System Flush – Complete Exchange of Transmission Cooler/Torque Converter with 16 Quarts of Fluid
  • Deluxe Cooling Flush – Complete Fluid Exchange & Refill with Proper Anti-Freeze Amount
  • Power Steering System Flush – Complete Power Steering System Fluid Exchange incl. Pump, Rack & Cooler (if applicable) & BG System Conditioner

45,000K Services – This service is the same as the 30/60/90K Maintenance Package, but also includes these cleansing measures:

  • Fuel Injection & Throttle Plate Service
  • BG Fuel Induction Service
  • Clean Fuel Injectors & Throttle Body
  • De-carbonize Engine to Improve Drivability, Remove Valve, Injector & Piston Deposits
  • BG Throttle Body/Plenum Service
  • Clean Throttle Body Blade, Throat & Idle Air Control Passages Using a Specially-Designed Chemical Atomizer
  • Clean Intake Plenum Runners, Remove Valve & Piston Deposits

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