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With winter near, it’s time to inspect your tires for wear and tear. You may be surprised that you need to buy new tires. To check tire condition, do this simple, D-I-Y test. Take a quarter; insert George Washington’s head, faced head down into the tread. If you can clearly see Washington’s head, a tire lacks proper tread. The reality is that it’s time to take your car to Sparks Computerized Car Care in Omaha Neb. to buy a new set of tires.

“The rule of thumb is that you should replace your tires once they are five to 6-years-old because the rubber starts to dry rot. Certainly, if any tire is 10-years-old they should not be driven on at all,” notes John Stern, owner and master technical at Sparks, located at 84th and K Street, the place to buy tires Omaha.

Vehicle Storage Does Not Prevent Tire Rot “If you store your vehicle and the tires are five to six-years-old, the tires need replacing, even if the tread looks good. The fact is. Rubber dries up and deteriorates tires during the five-to-six-year time-frame, even if the car sits in storage, primarily hidden from the elements. It’s time to replace the tires,” said Stern. omaha nebraska tire store

Sparks Computerized Car Care is the go-to metro-area auto shop to buy tires in Omaha, for servicing them and taking care of all your vehicle needs including tire rotation, steering, suspension and alignment.

Wear Bar Worn | Sign For New Tires Another sign it’s time for new tires is if the wear bar is worn, which is located opposite of the tread. Driving with worn wear bars is dangerous – tires need replacing. Sidewall cracks in tread are more indicators that tire replacement is needed right away.

Driving Signs You Need New Tires If your vehicle tends to hydroplane in icy weather or rain, this is a red flag that you need new tires. You can get by with old tires in the summer, but winter time is when good tires are necessary for your safety on the road.

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When you come to Sparks Omaha to buy new tires, the ASE-certified technicians will assess your current tires and discuss your needs. After all, there are a million different tires from which to choose.

“Our job as service provider is to try to match a tire to the customer. We take a number of factors into consideration,” said Stern:

  1. Vehicle age
  2. How and where do you drive it – mainly around town or road trip driving?
  3. Does your vehicle need to get around in the snow?
  4. How long do they plan on keeping vehicle?
  5. How many miles per year do you drive?
  6. What is your budget?

Why Buy Tires from Sparks Omaha

Sparks Computerized Car Care is very price competitive with anyone in the Omaha metro. “Basically everyone in town, except big box retailers like Walmart or the discount tires gets their tires form the same four warehouses.

Sparks One Stop Auto Shop “Tires are not a huge profit center for us. We do tires for a customer convenience. Plus, having your tires serviced here makes us a one stop facility, saving you time and money. We are also attuned with our customers’ needs and can help them choose a tire that fits those needs. As of date we have not had any complaints,” emphasized Stern.

Customers Prefer Sparks Omaha Auto Shop Experience

“Our customers often leave the decision on what tires to choose based on our expertise. We’ve been here since 1984. People trust us with their vehicle,” said Stern.

Rotate Tires Every 3rd Oil Change

Once your new tires are on, remember to rotate tires every third oil change. “This makes the tires wear more evenly, front to back, and it also gives us a chance to inspect alignment, steering and components and resolve any issues. Please note, if alignment is out of whack, the steering and components are worn, tire life will be shortened,” reminded Stern.

Tire Air Levels

The life of tires also depends on proper inflation, i.e. how much air is needed per tire. You do not want to rely on the sticker affixed to the door jam of today’s vehicles for that info. Here’s why:

“That sticker applies to the manufacturer installed tires, not the new tires. Different tires have different air levels. We here at Sparks will help determine how much air each tire needs,” said Stern.

You don’t have to spend a ton to get a good tire that has good traction rating and a good life expectancy. Schedule an appointment for new tires, or an inspection of the current ones by calling Sparks today!

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